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NC Recycling

NC Recycling is a full-service metals processing and recycling center located in Lexington, North Carolina. We serve the Industrial, Commercial and Residential community.

Excellent Customer Service

Our two-acre scrap metals processing and recycling center attests to our commitment to Industry and the general public to give the best possible service to our customers while at the same time paying the highest possible prices. We process scrap metal for foundries. This includes sorting, separating and processing for recycling or remolding purposes.

Economical - Get paid quickly!

Our all-weather receiving and processing facility consists of 12,000 square feet of warehouse, equipment and office space. This unique facility allows us the opportunity to purchase, clean, sort and package hundreds of types of scrap metals for shipment, in the most proficient and economical manner available. We also offer junk car removal, site demolition and clean up. We pick up what you can't haul!

Highest Prices for your Scrap

Our cost-efficient operation allows us to pass the savings on to our customers in the form of constant higher prices for their scrap and recyclable materials.

Scrap Metal Prices

Prices Updated 11/10/2015

Commodity Price
Aluminum Cans$0.36
Bare Bright Copper$1.75
#1 Copper$1.72
#2 Copper$1.56
Sheet Copper$1.16
#1 Insulated Spaghetti$0.96
Mixed #1 Insulated Copper Wire$0.92
Mixed #2 insulated Copper Wire$0.42
Christmas Wire$0.15
Wire Harness$0.61
Yellow brass$1.18
Irony Yellow brass$0.59
Clean Auto Radiator$1.15
Irony Auto Radiator$0.74
Clean Aluminum Copper Radiators$0.87
Irony Aluminum Copper Radiators$0.76
Small Electric Motors$0.12
Sealed Units$0.07
Aluminum Wire/EC Wire$0.21
Irony Aluminum Radiators$0.16
Old Sheet Aluminum$0.28
Clean Cast$0.34
Extruded Aluminum$0.42
Low grade Irony Aluminum$0.09
Stainless Steel$0.23
Clean lead$0.3
Steel Case Batteries$0.16
Wheel Weight$0.16
Irony Die Cast$0.12
Aluminum Wheels$0.46
Heater Core$0.92
Aluminum Copper Radiator Ends$0.32
Auto AC Compressors$0.15

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Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm